Ready to enhance your next backyard event?

Are you looking for a new way to make your next party or group event more exciting? We offer a variety of group game rentals and inflatables to add flare to any event! Schedule Penn Hotel catering services and entertainment all in one. Check out our rental options below!

  • Penn Archery Tag – Haven’t heard of this one? Here’s the rundown! Up to 12 people can play Penn Archery Tag at a time. Your “field” will be filled with blow-up obstacles, think paintball game style. Each player will be given a helmet and a bow, and 54 rubber-ended arrows are placed in the center of the field. Then, the game works dodgeball style, and all players grab as many arrows as possible and attempt to get their opponents out, using the obstacles as cover! We bring the game to you and set it up in your event space.
  • Inflatable Ax Throwing
  • Inflatable Basketball
  • Bounce House
  • Waterslides

Contact us to learn more! Any of these rentals are a great fit to pair with our food trailer & catering packages!